Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Candescent NUI - Birthday

Exactly one year ago I've uploaded the first version of Candescent NUI to CodePlex!

Here are some statistics
53'700 page views on this blog
54'400 page views on candescentnui.codeplex.com
10'200 downloads from CodePlex (200 / week)

I've started to look into creating mobile apps. So maybe there'll be posts about Windows Phone development in the future, too.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Candescent NUI 14079

The new version can be downloaded here: [binary] or [source]

I've also changed the status from Alpha to Beta. On April 18th it will be one year since I've uploaded Candescent NUI to Codeplex! :-)

Filtering (some) false positives
The FingerPoint object now has a FrameCount property that tells you how many frames the finger is visible (this is used to filter some false postives and prevent fingers from disappearing in a frame)

New settings for the hand data source
int FramesForNewFingerPoint  (default 3)
int FramesForDiscontinuedFingerPoint (default 2)
These define how many frames a finger must be visible to be reported through the interface. This introduces a bit of lag (66ms) but prevents some false positives. Can be set to 0 to turn off.
Thread for Kinect SDK
Hand detection is now done in a separate thread for Kinect SDK (depth frames are put in a queue and then processed)

WPF samples for Kinect SDK
Enabled WPF samples for Kinect SDK. There are some performance issues though, and the interface is shifted in the pin code interface

Fixed cluster layer in WPF samples